23 Agustus 2010

8-Mickey Mouse Learning Series Preschool

Disney's Mickey Mouse Learning Series Preschool
PC | Win95 - XP | Educational Game | ISO |

Disney's Mickey Mouse Preschool introduces young players to the worlds of letters, colors, and shapes. Players will have the company of Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and other Disney characters throughout the game. The "edutainment" includes matching exercises, identification games, and creativity art opportunities. The developers have targeted seven primary areas: cognitive, creative, emotional, moral, physical, social, and thinking skills are all given attention.
Developed with the Active Learning method. Children craft their own learning experience while developing essential reasoning and problem solving skills. A life-long love of learning is reinforced through stimulating activities and environments that inspire your child's creative thinking process.
Disney's Mickey Preschool services up supportive learning at a fun-filled virtual dinner/gas station with Mickey Mouse and pals. Offering parents and children a safe neighborhood to explore, this title is filled with motivating music and humor, as it encourages children to interact with their favorite Disney characters while developing essential, age-appropriate skills. Through teaching problem solving and lessons in numbers, letters, shapes and colors, Disney's Mickey Preschool inspires discovery and self confidence. The CD-ROM applies active learning principles to allow children to discover, explore create and excel, while fostering a lifelong love of education.

NOTE: Mount ISO to cd and install then register, its free.

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Car Accident Solicitor mengatakan...

I really love Disney and the Disney characters.

Blair Oliver Scott mengatakan...

I do love LooneyTunes characters. Thanks for featuring them here.

Dicknyonyo mengatakan...

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farhazt khan mengatakan...

selamat pagi mas nyonyo lama gak comen apa kabar mas mudah2an mas dan keluarga sehat2 dan banyak rizky...

Dicknyonyo mengatakan...

@fahazt kan.. met pagi juga, makasih Do'anya, dan dah mampir disini..

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