15 April 2011

Installshield 2011 Premier Edition v. + Virtualization Pack

Installshield 2011 Premier Edition v. + Virtualization Pack : 185MB

The package InstallShield 2010 includes support for App-V. The new version of the product provides the assembly installation packages in two main formats already under development and assembly applications. Also supports the creation of installation packages for web-applications.

Technology App-V allows many organizations that make a bet on virtualization, do not bind applications to specific machines and operating systems. Package InstallShield 2010 offers developers access to the latest technologies that help improve the quality and convenience of the deployment of applications in different environments based on server and desktop systems, Microsoft.

In addition to supporting technology App-V, InstallShield package now offers full support for the operating system Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and the new standard installation package application MSI 5.0. Advanced tool for web-based application helps to quickly create web-sites, applications and virtual directories based on proprietary web-platform Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services).

New possibilities for creating multilingual installation packages gives full support of Unihide standard in the new versions of InstallShield. Significant new integrated development environment included in InstallShield 2010, provides developers with a streamlined architecture and the dynamic search tools that help save a lot of time on everyday tasks. For high-quality design interface in the installation package, the package InstallShield 2010 offers features such as screen format Adobe Flash and a new display mode changes - in the form of a text file.

Link :
Download : Installshield 2011
Download : Patch ( pass : dicknyonyo )

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XXX mengatakan...


Anonim mengatakan...

gan, saya sudah install en berhasil. tapi pas saya mau new project kok gak ada muncul apa2 ya..thx

Anonim mengatakan...

maaf nih gan... tapi kok habis dipatch malah jadi gak bisa digunakan ya softwarenya???

Anonim mengatakan...

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Sekedar berbagi. Klo 1 PC diinstall yg ver 2010 sm yg 2011 terus dicrack pake yg versi 2010 semua bs unlimited tp yg 2011 jd gak bs buka project baru. Pake crak dicknyonyo malah installshield 2011 ngadat. Bang dicknyonyo yg imut..tolong share dong crack yg yahud dan mantabzzz..derodevil

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Anonim mengatakan...

mudah2an bener

Unknown mengatakan...

please post the Patch againg the link is broke
thanks for the software

Tala mengatakan...

Link nya error. Mohon link yg baru mas, thx

Pandji Batista mengatakan...

link patch nya ga aktif

Faiz Authar mengatakan...

oy ytg punya blog gk mau liat komentarnya bego tuh orang anjing

lahugala mengatakan...

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installshield 2011 crack how to???

Laszlo Aranyi mengatakan...

Installshield 2011 path download not work

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